Can I Destroy Your Clothes?

I am officially over 2 things. Up-cycling clothing and keeping track of my progress. I'm the type of person that needs change. I don't like anything to ever feel stagnant. I have to constantly switch up how I approach things or I get sick of things. So instead of tracking how much I do each day and making lists I'm just continuing taking action. There's so many small things that you have to do to do anything. It's kind of impossible to track it all when things get moving. Physically there's work I do on myself. Mentally there's work I do on myself. Then professionally there's work I do on my art constantly. It's become so routine that it feels redundant to be writing it all down.Which I credit documenting it to in the first place. Now that I got into a groovy I'm just going to allow myself to be more free with it.

Now my thoughts for the Destroyed x Tiffini Truth collection has changed. After hitting a major roadblock realizing sewing has never …

The Heat Is On

Cheesy 80's song title reference. Check.

Alright. This weeks been tough but productive personally. I'm inching my way towards the start line and I have a new challenge. It's called the "30 Day Grind Challenge". I'm setting aside my upcyled personally destroyed clothing collection for the next 30 days so I can re-focus on angle grinding. Essentially I fired myself from creating clothes and will re-hire myself when I feel I am better suited to do that job. I don't want to spread myself too thin by taking on more than one project at a time. So back to the grind I go.

I'm writing this after spending the past day and a half setting up a wall cover in my studio so I can capture the sparks better on a black backdrop. As I'm doing all this on a mega budget I was up last night cutting open garbage bags that I can use to cover my white walls temporarily. Sparks just don't look the same on a white backdrop or any colors for that matter. After my last Vlo…

Why Yoga Is Everything Not Yogis

I want to cover my relationship with Yoga. I'm not a Yogi by any means. I don't say "Namaste" nor do I believe in any sort of divine spirit or spirituality at all. I do however believe in the physical and mental attributes that the act of Yoga isolated from any sort of spiritualism has on the human body.

I feel often isolated from how most avid Yogi's come across as very Elitist in their so called "Spirituality". I find that way of thinking very dangerous. Doing Yoga does not make you a better person. Being a better person does. People has a way of letting themselves get far too detached from their real selves in order to be a better person. That's the problem I have with New Age anything. It promotes you picking and choosing only parts of your human nature. It doesn't accept your darkness. It tells you to deny your darkness. Not feed into negative energy. Go with the light. Which is total bullshit because some days are just dark and you have to…

Disconnected In The Digital Age

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how we now connect. Why when I call someone no one ever answers the other end anymore 90% of the time. How you have to schedule personal phone calls with friends. At first I thought it was my own complex or neurosis. I thought it meant that no one wanted to connect with me personally. It actually made me really depressed to see how "connected" we are to our phones all day yet no one is really connecting with anyone. Everyone is so distracted but what the next shiny thing is to appear on their screen. Sidetracking them from what and whom are really valuable.

I understand the mindset as I used to be terrified of connecting with people. Never anti social but always had a wall up with people to a certain extent.  I still do that to a certain extent now but I'm so much more open than I ever have been before in my life. I would like to say that my iron clad wall I used to have up between my public persona and my personal one is now dow…

Hitting The Wall Hard

This past week I hit a bit of a wall with the destroyed clothing collection. This jacket has me stumped. I didn't think things through entirely of how I would be putting these pieces back together again after the destroying them from their former sewn shells. I took a day off to go for a joy ride down the coast and get re-inspired instead of slaving away on this piece Monday. It was exactly what I needed before I come back to it. No better place to hit the wall hard but up against the oceans cliff-side. I fucking love Baja California.

I have a torn up jacket with no idea of how I can put it back together again. Suffice to say I'm procrastinating like a mother fucker on putting this piece back together again. Something tells me if I've gotten this far with it to just get it done. As many more painless hours it will take to do this all by hand. I feel like once I get past this creators block I'll have learned something invaluable in this process. This week my goal is to …

The Beginning Of The End

Here we roll into another week of me getting my shit together. Today was a good but long productive day. I'm happy to settle in for the night with my favorite glass of Vino Tinto made right here in Tijuana and write today's blog. Trying not to do much of anything else tonight. I clocked over 5 miles on foot today and a quarter of that was with a bag full of metal and chains. I don't want to deal with anything again until tomorrow.

Still knocking things off of my "1 Thing A Day" list. Some days we get more done than others. Yet no days do we do nothing.

I finally got my hands on a few scrap pieces of metal. I still have to work out a deal with the local muffler shop guy to cut bigger slabs of metal. The do not cut metal at the metal shop. Which seems counterproductive. Considering the pieces they sell are huge wall size pieces of metal. So it's become a bit tricky since:
A. I do not drive to take a huge wall of metal home (as much as a wall of metal is a total…

I Hope You All Die But...

I know you will all die. So it really makes no point to wish death upon anyone. However, I do really hope you come close enough to death to survive. Like I did several times now in my life thus far.

So far I've survived an assault that caused so much internal bleeding I was homeless and out of work for months when I was 19. I've survived 2 near overdoses that same year after in ways to deal with the pain from that injury I sustained. I've survived an angle grinding accident (my one and only) where I almost ground my middle finger off (where I now have massive scar tissue and no feeling in my middle finger) and then almost ground into my internal organs. So far that's 3 close calls with death. Enough to traumatize me. Then have me come back out of those things again a stronger person. A more understanding person and a person who demands the same respect from others of which I expect for myself. I do not inflict pain upon others. I do not bully. I do not scream and yell.…